April 23, 2024


CCI is dedicated to the establishment and upkeep of robust environmental policies, ensuring that our operations are conducted with a strong sense of social responsibility. We prioritize transparency and accountability in our environmental performance. CCI has made a commitment to adhere to the highest environmental standards, laws, and regulations applicable to our industry and the countries in which we operate.

At CCI, sustainability is ingrained in our mission, extending beyond the creation of sustainable employment to the cultivation of careers through the delivery of world-class customer service.

Recognizing our responsibility to develop in an environmentally sustainable manner and minimize our carbon footprint, we understand that planting a single tree can wield a profound impact in our environment.

One of the initiatives that CCI has rolled out and is proud of is the ‘One Job, One Tree ‘Initiative.

In pursuit of our commitment to sustainability, CCI has launched the ‘One Job, One Tree project, where we plant a tree for every job we create. This dedication aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Our accomplishments include the creation of 2,458 new jobs, encompassing an additional 253 management support roles.

These efforts have manifested in the planting of thousands of trees at the Loziba Wildlife Reserve (https://www.loziba.com/) in Zululand, KZN, marking the start of the CCI Forest development. Most Importantly, this initiative has not only contributed to environmental conservation but has also generated employment opportunities for African Youths in previously disadvantaged communities.

CCI South Africa CEO, Peter Andrew, ‘’With our world-class operating structure, visionary leadership team and cultural framework, we are excited to share our One Job, One Tree Initiative and demonstrate how CCI truly is a business that cares.’ ‘’

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CCI is an established business with over 18 years of experience serving clients in the USA, UK, Australia, and Africa, they are a top tier outsourcer in Africa and the largest within Sub Saharan Africa. Their largest operational sites are in South Africa, followed by Kenya. CCI offers world class customer experience solutions and digital customer management strategies that derive true value for clients and their customers.


Yasmeen Al Mahal
Head of Global Communications