June 27, 2024

Africa Set to Benefit From 1.5M Outsourced Customer Service Jobs by 2030, New Report Forecasts

June 27, 2024, Dubai, UAE – A new report jointly published by global research firm Everest Group and CCI Global highlights Africa’s emergence as a significant player in the global customer service outsourcing landscape. By analyzing current trends and future projections, the report underscores Africa’s potential to become a key destination for outsourced customer experience management (CXM) operations.

  • New research study estimates that the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector in Africa is poised to generate 1-1.5 million jobs across the continent by 2030.
  • Findings show Africa now outperforms India & The Philippines for customer service outsourcing in areas of language similarity, time zone alignment and ‘availability of skilled talent’
  • 85% of global companies now considering Africa as a destination for Customer Experience Management (CXM) outsourcing, report from Everest and CCI Global finds.
  • Jobs to be particularly created in mature offshoring markets of South Africa, Kenya and Egypt, with Rwanda, Ghana, And Ethiopia also tipped for job creation


Download Link: Everest Group – Strategic Horizons – Mapping The CXM Outsourcing Landscape

The CCI group of companies is one of the top providers of customer management services in Africa, supporting domestic and international clients. Headquartered in the UAE, the group of companies across the African continent servicing brands from the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Kenya, and others.

Everest Group is a global research firm that provides clients with business-critical insights and guidance on specialised, focused data sets. A trusted partner to the world’s largest companies, Everest Group focuses on Technology, business processes, and engineering through the lenses of talent, sustainability, and sourcing.

Yasmeen Al Mahal
Head of Global Communications